In the wee hours of Sunday morning, daylight savings time begins. So don’t forget to spring forward, and set your clocks one hour ahead.

I’m looking forward to the extra hour of daylight as the temps warm up and Mother Nature begins her colorful spring fling. And the flocks of birds that are headed back my way seem to feel the same way.

Migrating songbirds are a big thrill in the spring, and a birdbath that’s brimming with water is one of the best ways to entice them into view. Look for colorful songsters, including orioles, tanagers, goldfinches, and indigo buntings, and watch a little more closely for quiet-colored thrushes and native sparrows. Nearly every bird that moves through your neighborhood—and it’s a list of a hundred or more—may stop in to check out your bathing area, especially if you signal its presence with a dripper.

A dripper, or drip tube, adds the all-important sound of water to your birdbath setup. They can be found at bird-supply stores for about $35 or so, but you can very easily make your own using an empty plastic juice jug. Here’s how:

Thoroughly clean the jug, then using a straight pin, poke a pinhole in the bottom. Poke another tiny hole near the top for airflow. Fill the jug with water and replace the lid, then use fishing line or small-gauge wire to suspend the jug from a sturdy branch above your birdbath. Now you’ve got everything birds need to sip, splash, and stay awhile.

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