Happy Valentine’s Day! And if you haven’t already gotten a gift for your sweetie, why not try something different this year and instead of the usual cut-flower bouquet, bring home a blooming indoor plant? It will be the gift that truly keeps on giving, long after February 14 has come and gone.

If you’re a lucky recipient of a beautiful potted plant, keep in mind that the colorful foil wrapping that covers the pot is just for display. It can actually be harmful if left on too long, so remove it after several days to prevent problems. In the meantime, poke your finger through the foil on the bottom of the pot; otherwise, excess water will have no way to drain out, and your precious plant will drown!

When you’re ready to repot your bloomin’ beauty, blend up a batch of my Houseplant Repotting Mix to help it settle into its new home without missing a beat:

Mix ½ pound of potting soil, ½ pound of professional potting mix, 2 tablespoons of Epsom salts, 2 tablespoons of bone meal, and ½ tablespoon of instant tea granules in a bucket. Use the mixture to fill in around the root mass when you repot your plant. Don’t pack it in, though—you don’t want to suffocate the roots!

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