There’s nothing better than a summer barbecue, but if your chicken tastes like fish, it’s not a happy recipe! That’s why you’ll want to scrub your grill’s metal food rack thoroughly before you barbecue your next meal. So start by using a wire brush to remove all the bits of cooked-on food from both sides of the rack. Then you need to get rid of any greasy residue that’s still clinging—and the odors and flavors that are hanging around with it.

The easiest way to get your grill rack good and clean starts with a black plastic garbage bag. (Only a black bag will do because it will draw the intense rays of the sun.) Lay the bag down, pour in enough ammonia to cover the rack, and close the bag tightly with a twist tie. Leave the bag lying flat in the sun for two or three hours, then flip it over, and leave it for another two or three hours. When you open the bag, that rack will be clean as a whistle! Just rinse it, dry it, and get ready for perfectly grilled shish kebab.
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