Now’s the time to start thinking about getting your seedlings going. Here’s a quick ‘n’ easy way to turn household trash into garden treasure: When you reach the end of a roll of foil, don’t throw the cardboard tube away. Instead, turn it into a bunch of seed-starting pots. Just cut the tube into pieces about 3 inches long, and wrap aluminum foil around the outside of each piece to keep the cardboard from falling apart when it gets wet. Pack the little pots closely together on a waterproof tray or shallow pan, add seed-starting mix, and sow seeds to your heart’s content. Then come transplant time, remove the foil, and plant your seedlings, pots and all.

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  1. Smart idea! It makes me think of the “green” pots that I have been seeing more recently at garden centers. I know one of the companies called EcoPots that makes pots from the outer shell of coconuts. Wonder if they work better than the old paper mache containers. -Jeremy

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