We’re deep in the heart of cold and flu season now, so protect you and your family from coming down with something. At least once a week, wipe your telephone receiver, door handles, faucets, (and any other items/surfaces that get lots of touching) down with a soft cloth that’s been dipped in rubbing alcohol. It’ll remove oils, grease, and fingerprints—and, most importantly, kill those nasty cold-causing germs.

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  1. I reuse the purse-sized plastic bottles of inexpensive body spray by filling them with about two teaspoons of rubbing alcohol, and the rest water. I write “CLEANER” on them with a Sharpie pen, and keep them (out of reach of small hands!) in each bathroom. They make it so easy to grab a few squares of toilet tissue, and do a quick disinfecting when I’m in there!

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