There’s simply no way to handle evergreen trees without getting sticky sap all over your pruning shears—and usually your hands, too. Fortunately, getting the stuff off is simple. You even have a choice of remedies, straight from the baking products aisle of your supermarket. Either solid shortening, cooking oil spray, or vegetable oil will do the trick. Just grab whichever one is handiest, and proceed as follows:

· For tools, dab or spray the metal with your chosen fat or oil as a cleaner, then wipe it off with a soft cloth.
· For hands or arms, apply the shortening, spray, or oil. Work it into your skin thoroughly, and rinse with clear water. Then wash it off with soap and water.


  1. Try rubbing alchol, it works like a champ. We clean up with it when getting in the winter wood, no greasy mess.

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