If Grandma Putt had been around when throwaway fabric-softener sheets hit the stores, she’d have had a fit—what a waste to spend good money on something you toss after only one use, when you can make one yourself to use over and over again! It’s easy, too. Just grab a clean washcloth and soak it for a minute or two in a half-and-half solution of water and liquid fabric softener. Then remove the cloth, wring it out, and toss it into the dryer with your static-prone clothes. Use it for several loads (without re-soaking), then launder the cloth and start all over again with a fresh batch of softener and wat


  1. What a good idea! And it beats those plastic balls they sell as fabric softener. I’ll try it! I also throw a small dry towel in the dryer, which takes a few minutes off the total dry time. yep, I;m cheap! 🙂
    ~ Monica

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