Tubes are Tops!

Paper towels . . . Toilet paper . . . Aluminum foil . . . Wrapping paper . . . you get to the end of the roll, and what do you have left but a cardboard tube? Wait! There’s gold in them thar tubes. Here are a few of my favorite reuses:

If your windows are crammed with lighted decorations around the holidays, use the tubes to tidy up your electrical cords.

If wall space is at a premium, roll up some old posters and store ’em inside wrapping paper tubes.

Cut the tubes so they’re about 2 inches wide, and paint them orange and black. Glue on some scary plastic spiders or crazy jack-o-lanterns, and you’ve got some dandy napkin rings for your Halloween table.

To store fashionable boots for a while, tie three tubes together and stand them upright in your boots; they’ll hold the legs up.

Fill the tubes with candy and a small gift, wrap ’em in tissue paper, and tie the ends together with ribbon for a surprise-inside treat for the kids. They’ll think it’s totally tube-ular!