5 Reasons to Use Softener … Oftener

Doing the laundry is one of life’s necessary chores, and with it comes those pesky ol’ fabric softener sheets that stick to darn near everything. Here’s some ways to put ’em to good use around your house.

Save money on mosquito repellants by threading a new sheet of fabric softener through your belt loop whenever you’re working in the yard, and you’ll be mosquito-free.

Make pet hair fuzzies on your couch a thing of the past by rubbing it with a dryer sheet to attract all the loose hairs.

Tired of batting at flies? Hang a softener sheet or two in your garden shed, and the flies will stay away.

You’re all dressed up, but what about that unsightly static cling? Rub a sheet of fabric softener on your panty hose, and you’ll say “bye-bye” to those clingy skirts.

Keep your drawers, lockers, and even garbage cans smelling sweet by dropping a softener sheet in them.