Mesh Bags

For supper last Saturday, Shirley whipped up a pot of her famous onion soup. Yum, yum! Not only did I get a great meal, but I also got some terrific leftovers—no, I’m not talking about the soup, I’m talking about the mesh bag the onions came in! It’s got a whole host of additional uses around the house, including these:Place a rolled-up mesh bag in the bottom of a vase to hold cut flowers in place.Pack suet into a bag and hang it from a tree branch for a makeshift bird feeder.When you remove your tender bulbs for storage in the fall, hang ‘em in mesh bags in the garage or basementBlanch tomatoes by putting them in a bag and submerging them in boiling water for 30 seconds. Hang a bar of soap in a mesh bag on an outside faucet—it makes a terrific after-gardening clean-up station!