Fantastic Fishing Line Fun

Hi folks!Believe it or not, in my neck of the woods, the last few nights have already had a touch of autumn in them. So get out there and enjoy the summer weather while you can—maybe by spending a lazy afternoon at the local fishin’ hole. And if you’ve got any extra fishing line to spare, don’t waste it—it has plenty of amazing uses all around your home and garden, including:

  1. String it between two poles (or tie it to your fence) to make a sturdy trellis for climbing vines.
  2. Reattach buttons to your clothing—it’ll hold a whole lot stronger than ordinary thread!
  3. Attach to the tops of poles around your garden for an “invisible” fence to keep the hungry neighborhood deer away.
  4. Use some to hang a picture—attach it securely to the screw eyes on the back of the frame, and hang it high.
  5. String popcorn on it to make a great treat for your fine-feathered friends.