Grillin’ Up a Storm

Happy 4th of July, everyone!

The fireworks have faded, but it’s still prime grillin’ season! So it’s time to talk about everyone’s favorite outdoor cookin’ pastime.

If you had a big 4th of July cookout like I did, you might’ve got a few itchy souvenirs from those darn blood-suckin’ skeeters. If you did, here’s one of my tried and true solutions: Just moisten a tissue with antiseptic mouthwash, hold it on the bite for about 15 seconds, and kiss that itch goodbye.

At your next barbecue, lay out the unwelcome mat for those nasty buggers by tossing a handful of citrus peels onto the coals. You can experiment, but I love adding lemon peels when I’m grillin’ up a fresh summer catch of fish!

And if you’ve got a few charcoal briquettes to spare, use ‘em to freshen up your refrigerator—the charcoal can absorb those less-than-appetizing fridge odors. Just put a few briquettes in a clean, lidless plastic tub, and set the container at the back of a shelf.

If your grillin’ rack is a dirty, greasy mess after a backyard barbecue, let the sun clean it up for you! Just put the rack into a black plastic garbage bag, pour enough ammonia to cover the rack, and tie the bag shut with a twist-tie. Let it bake in the sun for a couple of hours, then flip it over for a couple more. Rinse it off, and presto—your grill’s all set for your next big summer cookout!


  1. Wow! Thanks alot Jerry, I have a big smoker type of grill and it is always such a mess to clean the grates. I am on my way out right now to get these gates cleaned up. I am having a big BBQ this weekend.

    I live in Florida and I will use your great idea for the mosquitoes. There is plenty of citrus here in my back yard.

    I look forward to your blog. This is my first time here. I will be coming back often.
    Thanks Again, Kim

  2. Being that you use bear on occasions to garden with, try this. Soak hard wood chips in beer then add them to your coals when barbequing. I prefer a full body bear over a light beer.

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