Hi Folks,Did you put last week’s newspaper in the recycle bin yet? If not, here’s a Baker’s dozen ways to reuse it before you get rid of it:

  1. Use a section as a makeshift kneeler in the garden—simply fold it over and kneel on it.
  2. Add shredded newspaper to Kitty’s box in place of her usual litter.
  3. Use sheets as liners on closet shelves and in the bottoms of drawers.
  4. Before your next paint job, dampen sheets of newspaper and spread them over windows to protect them from the paint.
  5. Lay sheets of newspaper between garden rows to suppress weed growth.
  6. Ball up sheets of newspaper and give them to Kitty. She’ll love the crinkling noise.
  7. Roll up newspaper sheets into log shapes, tie with string, and use them as logs at your next campfire.
  8. Keep your house cool by dampening sheets of newspaper and spreading them over windows to keep the midday sun from streaming in.
  9. Ripen green tomatoes by wrapping them in old newspaper, and placing them in a cool area.
  10. Set newspaper sections on the floor in your garage as a mat for muddy boots.
  11. Ball up sheets of newspaper and stuff them inside leather suitcases to keep them from getting musty during storage.
  12. Clean your windows with vinegar and old newspapers to leave a streak-free shine
  13. When moving, wrap fragile items in thick layers of newspaper to keep them from being damaged.


  1. Another good tip to loosen soil is to add the shredded paper from your paper shredder to your soil..Work it in and it loosens your soil and adds nutrients to the ground..

  2. I use my shredded paper to add to the compost pile and also as a bedding for my flower gardens. In the spring you just work the paper and leaves into a lovely leaf mold. I have also used the shreds to keep the weeds down in the berry patch. Just be sure not to put window envelopes or too much colored paper in the mix. My flowers do not like the ink. I shred newspapers too. They seem to break down into soil much faster than white paper.

  3. When rolling newspaper “logs” for the fireplace, do NOT use colored type. It will build up debris in the chimney, especially in a wood stove metal chimney.

    peter c

  4. Wadded up newspaper does a great job of drying shoes or boots. Sliced watermelon stored in the fridge will not dry out or become slimy when wrapped in newspaper.

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