The Power of Pantyhose

Hi Folks,

Mother Earth needs all the help she can get if we want our kids and grandkids to enjoy this wonderful world the way we do. So reduce, reuse, and recycle! It’s easy to reuse just about anything if you’re a little creative. Take old pantyhose: Most folks just throw ‘em out, but not me—I think an old pair of pantyhose is one of the handiest do-dads you can ask for!

Last weekend, for instance, I opened up my garden pond for the season. Now don’t get me wrong—I love my pond, but keeping the water debris-free can be a real hassle. So I decided to take things into my own hands this year by making a quick-n-easy debris skimmer. I bent a wire clothes hanger into a circle, covered the loop with an old pantyhose leg, and attached the wire to an old pole I had lying around. It’ll make cleaning leaves and debris off the water surface a breeze!

Looking for even more uses? Old pantyhose are a fabulous household helper. Simply pull a leg over your mop to make a terrific floor shiner, or wad the pantyhose into a ball for a wonderful nonstick-cookware scrubber.

And in the garden, they’re perfect for storing ripe onions, tying tender plants up to their supports, and even stuffing with critter deterrents to keep your plants safe.

Oh—and to really captivate your kitty, stuff a pantyhose toe with catnip, and tie it shut. Then toss it around and watch Fluffy jump for joy! I tell you—the possibilities for pantyhose are positively endless!


  1. Jerry,
    I just read your comments on panty hose, and would like to share a couple of my own uses.
    My father in law showed me how to use them to hang watermelons on a fencerow,just put the melons in the hose when they are young, and tie them on the fence,and the hose will expand as the melons grow. This keeps them out of the dirt and prevents the flat spot on the bottom of the melon.
    Also, I use hose to dry out my seeds to use the next year,I just put my seeds in a hose and hang them on the back porch to dry through the winter,Once in a while I will stir them around so that the ones on the in get out.

  2. When I lived in Colorado (average humidity 15-25%), I disconnected the clothes dryer from the outside vent, put a short tube on it with pantyhose over the end and discharged into the house.

    Boosted humidity and cut down heating bills, and the pantyhose proved an almost perfect filter, and when they got pretty full of lint–out to the trash. Have found they can be used to filter some paints AND reduce the amount of lint going into a septic system if the washer drain hose is run thru pantyhose (one leg at a time).

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