Crazy for Cayenne

Hello everyone,

Winter’s chill really hit this weekend—brrrr! I hope you’re all staying inside—where it’s warm. As for me, I got to spend most of the weekend lounging by the fire, with only an occasional venture outdoors to refill my birdfeeders.

To keep my feet warm during my treks across the yard, I put on one pair of thin socks. Then, I took a thick, warm pair of socks, and sprinkled 1/2 teaspoon of cayenne pepper in each. I slipped these on over my thin socks, and they kept my feet warm and toasty.

And that’s not the only use I had for cayenne pepper. I also added a teaspoon of it to my birdseed before filling the feeders. That spicy stuff works wonders to keep the neighborhood squirrels away, but the birds don’t even notice it!

And if you suffer from migraines, try this trick: As soon as you notice the first symptoms, dip a flat-ended toothpick into a jar of cayenne pepper, and sniff a tiny bit into each nostril. This migraine remedy can be mighty effective, but don’t overdo it—a dash of pepper in the nose will deliver a HOT surprise!


  1. Thank You Mr.Baker! You have solved my problem with these pesky squirrels. I ponder and ponder as to how I could keep them out of the bird feeders, and let the poor birds have the feed. I tried you cayenne pepper and it worked! ( of course I knew it would ) I have enjoyed using your tonics,and your gardening tips.

  2. Hi Jerry ~

    Cayenne is very useful. I have used it to break up chest conjestion as well. Use it sparingly in a carrier oil to apply it to the skin. Then put a warm (warmer the better!) wash cloth over it for several minutes at a time. It really works!

    Oh, by the way…I don’t have the slightest idea where to find Fels- Naptha soap around here…Texas.

    Is there a place to order it?

    Getting ready for the gardening season and want to use recipes out of the Old-Time Gardening Wisdom book, but have a real difficult time find the ingredients I need.
    (Grandma Putt sounded like a super neat lady!)

    Any suggestions?
    Jennifer from Texas

  3. Cayenne pepper taken daily in capsule form (from your health food store) will keep vertigo from bothering you, if you suffer from it.

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